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Izmunuti T-Shirt $17

In an exciting scene from Infinity's Shore by David Brin, Earth starship Streaker makes a dangerous journey deep into the red giant star Izmunuti, en route to Jijo. Authorized by David Brin.

Go to the T-shirts page for ordering instructions.

Streaker Refit T-Shirt $17

The Terragens Corps of Engineers commemorates the construction of Streaker, the star-crossed starship starring in David Brin's Uplift series.

Go to the T-shirts page for ordering instructions.

Universal Kilns Temporary Tattoo $3 per sheet of 3 tattoos

Ever wanted to be in multiple places at once? Pretend you can with this temporary tattoo! Be your own ditto, when you wear the Universal Kilns logo from David Brin's Kiln People on your forehead.

Go to the Temporary Tattoos page for ordering instructions.


For each item you buy from my store, I'm donating a portion of the purchase price to the charity of your choice. This is a list of charities suggested by members of Brin-L:

If there's an additional charity you'd like to see here, please email me about it, and I'll add it to the list.

CafePress Store

My CafePress store is now open, and ready to sell t-shirts and other merchandise decorated by my illustrations. Big thanks go to David Brin for allowing me to sell items based on his works! I hope they help promote his books.

The first item is a T-shirt featuring a nice, big still render of the scene used in my Izmunuti animation.

T-Shirt Store

CafePress shirts have a major disadvantage -- they only come in white and light gray. Do you want darker colors like black? I know I do, so I'm now making my own shirts using the same illustrations as the CafePress store, and selling them through this site. Go to the T-Shirt Store for ordering instructions.

Ditto Temporary Tattoo Store

I'm now selling temporary tattoos with the Universal Kilns logo from Kiln People. They're sized to stick on your forehead, so you too can be a ditto! They're an essential part of a ditto costume, perfect for Halloween or Masquerade at science fiction conventions.

The idea came directly from David Brin himself. He'd really like to see a bunch of dittos running around Worldcon. :-)


My next big project is a shirt featuring blueprints of Streaker. It's the shirt given to the engineers and crew that built the ship, to commemorate Streaker's completion. It was a big job refitting the ship from second-hand alien hull to the pride of Earthclan. The shirt will include the Streaker mission patch, side, front, and rear views of the ship, the Terragens Corps of Engineers logo, and a short description of the refit process. I'm also planning a related poster with everything on the shirt, plus pictures of the four steps of the refit process.

Obviously, only the humans and neo-chimps can wear T-shirts. I'm thinking neo-fins get printed work harnesses, instead. I currently have no way to make those, but in the unlikely event that I ever get a shirt order from a dolphin, I'll be happy to find some way to accommodate er. ;-)

More items are coming soon!

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April 13, 2004
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