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The RAD Video Tools Free
These free tools can do all sorts of movie and batch image processing and conversion, including compression to their movie formats, Bink and Smacker.
Browser Sizer Free
A small, useful, not in-your-face little tool that lets you set the size of your web browser (Internet Exploder, Netscape, or Mozilla) to see what your web page would look like at different screen resolutions.
Hash Animation:Master Commercial Under $300 An incredible, feature-packed 3D modeling and animation program designed for character animation on a reasonable budget. "Professional power even an artist can afford!" For more information, see my collection of Hash links.
Irfan View Free!
My all-time favorite 2D image viewer for Windows! It's free, it's fast, it reads and writes several formats, and you can quickly skim through a directory of pictures with the space and backspace keys.
Moray Shareware 159 German Marks, or about $75 Moray is a modeler that integrates with POV-Ray, making it much easier to use. Moray and POV-Ray work very well together.
POV-Ray Free!
The Persistence of Vision Raytracer, a free, professional- level 3D graphics and raytracing software package for Windows, DOS, Linux, and many UNIX machines. I can't say enough about it! POV-Ray uses scripts to define scenes, so if you're not the programming type, I suggest that you try using Moray with POV-Ray. For more information, see my POV-Ray links.
PuTTY Free
One of the few decent free Telnet clients I've found for Windows. This very web page, and most of the rest of my site, was composed on PuTTY.

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