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Encyclopedias and Reference
Encyclopedia Galactica The Great Library of the Five Galaxies Award Web
Alliance for Progress
Locus Online SF Site
Science Fiction Resource Guide isfdb
Internet Speculative
Fiction DataBase
The Merril Collection

Online Bookstores The most popular bookstore on the web
Dangerous Visions A SF store with a presence on the web
The Other Change of Hobbit A famous SF bookstore in Berkeley, California
Science Fiction Book Club You know... ;-)

Tracking Down Those Books
Advanced Book Exchange Find used, out-of-print, antiquarian, and hard-to-find books
Bibliofind "Nine million used and rare books, periodicals and ephemera offered for sale by thousands of booksellers around the world make this the most interesting book-selling site on the Web."
BookFinder A book-shopping search engine that scans bookseller databases to find new, used, rare, and out of print books. A free service that searches for books and and compares prices from 40,000 sellers and 55 bookstores worldwide, including a dozen out-of-print book stores. It turned up a book I've been looking for for a while.
FetchBook.Info A great way to find books. You can quickly and easily track down the best price on just about any book you're looking for.
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Amazing Stories The first true science fiction magazine -- it even coined the term! Expect several new Babylon 5 stories to appear in the next few months.
Analog Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine
Now available electronically for palmtop computers!
Asimov's Asimov's Science Fiction magazine
Now available electronically for palmtop computers!
Fantasy and Science Fiction One of the best of the SF magazines, and soon to celebrate its 50th year. I finally broke down and subscribed a couple of months ago, but I still don't have time to read it... ;-) )
Galaxy E-zine Fred Pohl's old magazine gets resurrected in net form
Galaxy Online A new experiment, combining the web, television, movies, and print SF. Right now, they have original essays from big-name SF writers. Soon, they plan to have original web-cast SF TV shows and movies. Team Galaxy includes TV producers, SF writers, and actors from classic SF TV and movies.
Mind's Eye Fiction A collection of a whole bunch of stories! You can read the first half for free, but you can pay for the rest by either paying a small fee, or viewing an ad.
Omni Omni Magazine
VTSF Project Electronic versions of several old pulp magazines

SF Web-Zines
Sci-Fi Weekly An e-zine dedicated to SF: "News of the Week", plus reviews of books, movies, games, web sites, anime, and more
Galaxy Online A new experiment, combining the web, television, movies, and print SF. Right now, they have original essays from big-name SF writers. Soon, they plan to have original web-cast SF TV shows and movies. Team Galaxy includes TV producers, SF writers, and actors from classic SF TV and movies.
SCIFI.COM the Sci-Fi Channel Home Page
StarLand News Online! SF e-zine

Television and Movies
Babylon 5 Links My Babylon 5 links page
Star Trek Links My Star Trek links page The official page, including info on the original movies and the new prequels, and even the latest movie trailers!
The Outer Limits The SF anthology show's official site
Coming Attractions Upcoming (and even rumored) movies of all genres
Ain't it Cool News Rumors, news, interviews, and reviews for SF and fantasy movies
Red Dwarf League Against Salivating Monsters An homage to the silly British show's bizarre array of very unpleasant creatures... many with more teeth than the entire Osmond family! ;-)
(Awarded Site of the Week by Sci-Fi Weekly.)
Touchstone Pictures' Bicentennial Man The official home page for the movie, based on Isaac Asimov's story. Now that they've added some content, it is an excellent page. It sounds like the movie folks actually respected the source material when they created the movie.
"The Bicentennial Man" Info A page from a Robin Williams fan's site. The movie was based on Isaac Asimov's excellent story of the same name. The movie starred Robin Williams as Andrew Martin, the robot who eventually becomes human. It had some flaws, but I thought it was a pretty good movie. Too bad the critics didn't seem to agree with me...
Shayna Pascoe's Home Page Shayna played the young "Little Miss" in the upcoming "Bicentennial Man" movie. Includes several pictures of the cast.
Internet Movie Database A lot of info about movies, TV, who starred in what, etc...
Science Fiction Logbook Episode guides for SF TV: Babylon 5, the Star Treks, Red Dwarf, and many more -- soon to be celebrating its tenth anniversary!
Grand Central Rocket Devoted to the cool (and not so cool) -looking rocketships from old sci-fi TV and movies. That's what spacehips are supposed to look like! :-)
Sci-Fi Hollywood Props from SF TV shows and movies
Fresco Pictures Making the upcoming movie "Ender's Game", based on Orson Scott Card's novel
Star Trek Resources Home of the Internet's best Star Trek resources. Find out everything you want to know about Star Trek.

Illustrations Home page of the seven-time Hugo Award winning illustrator, who I met at Con*Stellation.

Author Pages
Isaac Asimov
Iain M. Banks
Stephen Baxter
Greg Bear
Gregory Benford
David Brin
Jeffrey A. Carver
Arthur C. Clarke
Greg Egan
David Gerrold
William Gibson
Joe Haldeman
Robert A. Heinlein
James P. Hogan
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Robert J. Sawyer
J.R.R. Tolkien
Vernor Vinge

Isaac Asimov
Ed Seiler's Isaac Asimov Home Page The first one I ever found, almost the moment I first started surfing ;-) and still one of the best. It now has its own domain name.
Encyclopedia Galactica An encylopedia detailing Isaac's Foundation universe in great detail
Imperial Trantor Slawek Wojtowicz's Asimovian art and illustrations. Very cool!
Isaac Asimov's Robots A small multimedia fan page devoted to Isaac's Three Laws of Robotics
The Asimov Vault A very nice site devoted to all things Isaac Asimov, with a short bio, a big bibliography, book reviews, links, pictures, and the complete audio of a 27 minute interview with the good Doctor, from 1987.

Iain M. Banks Culture Shock "A web site devoted to the work of Iain Menzies Banks"

Stephen Baxter The Baxterium

Greg Bear Home Page Greg Bear goes back to his roots in SF illustration, to create all the artwork for his home page

Gregory Benford Home Page A look at his "day job" as a physicist at UC Irvine

David Brin His own home page
Brin-L FAQ Frequently asked questions for the Brin-L mailing list
My list of Brin-L links All the David Brin links fit to print... and maybe some that aren't.... ;-)
The Works of David Brin The first great David Brin fan site, put together by Stewart Blandon. Also, the first web page ever to display my Uplift artwork. Thanks, Stewart! :-)
BRIN-L Archives An archive of posts to the Brin-L mailing list
The Great Library of the Five Galaxies The award-winning first encyclopedia of David Brin's Uplift stories
Alliance for Progress Encyclopedia Another great Uplift encyclopedia, but more text-oriented
Startide Rising Movie Page Michael Harney's excellent 3D graphics work, which he hopes to turn into a full-length animated movie of DB's novel Startide Rising someday

Jeffrey A. Carver Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver Author's own home page

Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Homepage

Greg Egan
Home Page Author's own home page

David Gerrold Home Page Author's own home page

William Gibson
William Gibson Toolkit
Burning Chrome Live A stage adaptation of some of his stories

Joe Haldeman
Joe Haldeman's Tangled Website Author's own home page

Robert A. Heinlein The Robert A. Heinlein Home Page
The Heinlein Society
Robert A. Heinlein: Dean of SF Writers

James P. Hogan James P. Hogan Home Page Author's own home page

Larry Niven Known Space The best Larry Niven page out there. It was even named Sci-Fi Weekly Site of the Week! I'm proud to say that I contributed many book cover scans to the page. BTW, you can also go to the Known Space mirror page.
Larry Niven Mailing List How to join LarryNiven-L, and all the stuff you need to know to become a good list citizen
Ringworld's Children Tor books promotes the newest Ringworld novel. Includes a description of Ringworld, an article about the new book, author bio, the first chapter of the book, and book reviews.
Ted "Krenon" Scribner's
Larry Niven List Page
More personal stuff about LarryNiven-L members
Rendering Larry Niven's Ringworld Images and source code from Jim "RootBear" Williams' amazing project: recreate the Ringworld with a Renderman 3D package.

Jerry Pournelle Chaos Manor His own home page

Robert J. Sawyer SF His own home page

Neal Stephenson The Cryptonomicon Author home page, based around his latest book

J. R. R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings Official site for the movies!
Tolkien Enterprises ...Holds the rights to Middle Earth stories and characters
Lord of the Rings Desktop Theme Tolkien-themed internet gateway provided by New Gateway
Tolkien Pictures An archive of paintings based on Middle Earth

Vernor Vinge Home Page
Vernor Vinge Page

SF Conventions
Huntsville, Alabama's annual SF convention -- the one I try to visit every year, since it's nearby.
Dragon*Con A big convention in Atlanta
Contact The CONTACT conference in Santa Clara (the Bay Area of California) lets you do REAL alien building! Their page shows pictures of some of the aliens and planets they've come up with.

SF Computer Graphics
Robert Hurt's Web Space A collection of wonderful SF and comics artwork, both CGI and otherwise...

3-D Starmaps Winchell Chung's site contains everything you need to make starmaps, including software and astronomy info
Alien Planet Designer Calculate all the information you need to design your own planet, or choose a famous world from science fiction to play with.
Contact The CONTACT conference in Santa Clara (the Bay Area of California) lets you do REAL alien building! Their page shows pictures of some of the aliens and planets they've come up with.

Models and Toys
Babylon 5 Toys Since the old, official Micro Machines page is gone, I've replaced its link with the definitive website for Babylon 5 toys, including the Micro Machines. Thanks, Noel, for pointing it out to me.
Starship Modeler Tips and news about building SF models, including, but certainly not limited to, Star Trek and Babylon 5.

Anders' Transhumanist

Resources Page
Information on the Transhumanist movement
Planet Mars in Popular Culture Just what it says... It was compiled by David Catling, a research planetary scientist in the Space Science Division at NASA Ames Research Center.
Moller's Skycar 2000 AD has come and gone. Wondering where your flying car is? Look no further, because this company is working on it!

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