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Here are a few places you can get Linux stuff...
Linux Linux Official Home Page
XFree86 The (Free!) Linux windowing environment
Red Hat The version of Linux I use
BeOS Not technically Linux, but still another competitor trying to topple Microsoft...
Linux Documentation Project A lot of Linux documentation and help
LinuxBerg Tucows' collection of Linux software
Linux Applications A really complete list of software for Linux
Enlightenment A very nice-looking window manager with many cool themes available
Mark's Dorm Room A Bunch of cool stuff for Linux, including Linux logos and RPM Central (a place to get Red Hat RPM packages)
Star Division Download a free (to non-commercial users) Office software package (word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, etc.) for Linux, that can read/write MS Office files, and several other formats
GNOME Logo by Tigert The GNOME project intends to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software.
Mutt E-Mail
A nice-looking, threaded mail client.

RPM Put the software package management software that makes RedHat great into your own Linux distribution.
Alien Convert the various Linux software packages into a form you can use in your own Linux distribution.

Raytracers and Modelers for Linux
Blender Freeware 3D package: "in-house software of a high quality animation studio". Available for various forms of UNIX, Windows, and BeOS.
Mind's Eye Freeware 3D package; they claim it will rival Lightwave, Max, etc. in capabilities (!!!)
Moonlight 3D Atelier A new modeler and renderer for Linux. It even has 3D hardware support for TNT2 graphics cards!
Sceda 3D design and animation software, available for Linux

For a more complete listing, go to the Linux Applications Page

The convenience of UNIX programs while running Windows
VM-Ware By using virtual machine technology, VM-Ware lets you run multiple operating systems on the same computer at the same time! They have versions for Linux and Windows NT.
The Gimp The Gimp, the incredible freeware graphics tool for UNIX systems, is now available for Windows! It can do the same kind of beautiful image manipulation you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get in professional software like Adobe Photoshop! GUM, the Gimp User Manual, can help you learn to use the software.
DJGPP Free C compiler, with a Borland-like interface, which can compile binaries for DOS/Windows and Linux, and comes with libraries for games and graphics
Gnu C++ Win32 Free UNIX utilities, like grep, etc, for Windows NT/95
LiteStep Make your Windows NT/95 desktop look and work like the AfterStep window manager, and you'll get improved performance, enhanced stability, and a unique, neat-looking desktop! (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)
Freedows A project hard at work creating a free (under GNU license) operating system that can run everybody else's programs! The plan is to include built-in support for various plugins that can emulate other machines and operating systems. That way, you can run software from multiple machines and operating systems at the same time!
Star Division Download a free (to non-commercial users) Office software package (word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, etc.), that can read/write MS Office files, and several other formats. It was once only for Linux, but now Windows users can download a free version, too!

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February 22, 2000
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