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Current Projects

[B.B. Wolf head] My latest project is a music video using Hash Animation:Master. The song is an oldie called "Lil' Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Right now, I'm modeling the star, a stylish canine named B. B. Wolf. There's also a step-by-step history of my work on this character.
[B.B. Wolf body]
[Red head front view] B.B.'s co-star, Red. At least it looks sorta like a human head, although it doesn't look very feminine. I'm still working on it... I modeled her on Laura Prepon from "That 70's Show", although it's pretty hard to tell. You can also see a realtime preview of her head, in the excellent ArcticPigs viewer.
[Red head left view]
[Red head 3/4 view]
[Red head wireframe]


['Chloe' thumbnail]
My entry to the "Games" competition of the IRTC, for August through October, 1998. I sure wish I'd had more time, so I could have made the cat's motion less unrealistic. [MPEG] 560 K
[Izmunuti thumbnail]
TCS Streaker from David Brin's novel Infinity's Shore must pass through the red giant star Izmunuti to reach the planet Jijo, and aquires a thick coating of black carbon in the process. [POV Source]
7.8 K
1.6 M
453 K
161 K
"Niss" Test
[Niss Test thumbnail]
The Tymbrimi secretly loaned the mischievous artificial intelligence called the Niss machine to Tom Orley, so it could ride along aboard Streaker, where it could gather information for its masters, and hopefully help the woflings too. It appears as an oddly swirling geometric shape in Streaker's holographic intercom display when it wants to talk. In this animation, I'm using a moving slice through a 4D Julia set fractal (a feature of POV-Ray) to recreate the oddly morphing Niss display. This is just a test to see if the effect looks right, so I'm keeping the scene very simple. [POV Source]
1 K
401 K
256 K
[Qheuen thumbnail]
Test render of part of a Qheuen, one of the Jijoan critters from David Brin's novel Brightness Reef, and later books in the series. This is an example of using blobs to create an organic-looking object (In this case, a Qheuen carapace). There are a few details I'll add later, like speech vents and scent slits. Note the small spheres in the dents along the sides, That's where the leg's "shoulder" joints will go. The animation shows the Qheuen's sensory cupola (the head-like bulge in the middle) emerging from the shell, then going back in. Note how the skin stretches during this process. Now, I've added teeth and a tongue. [POV Source] 3.7 K
881 K
435 K
84 K
1.16 M

Animation:Master Stills

My entry to the September 2001 Hash image competition, with the subject "Toys." Three of my all-time favorite toys are involved in the game: the Transformer Optimus Prime, Lego blocks, and the well-loved, battered old Snoopy doll I've had since I was very small.
"Optimus Prime"
Everybody's favorite Transformer, and leader of the Autobots, Optimus can transform from a robot into a big-rig truck.
[Optimus Prime Closeup] [Optimus Prime Full View]
"Pierson's Puppeteer"
A two-headed, three-legged alien species from Larry Niven's Known Space series of books and stories. One of these days, I'll probably give this model bones and better texturing.
[Puppeteer Closeup] [Puppeteer Full View]

POV-Ray Stills

[Earth Force One Front View] "Earth Force One Front View" A "Babylon 5" Image. Earth Force One, the official transport for the president of the Earth Alliance
[Earth Force One Rear View] "Earth Force One Rear View" A "Babylon 5" Image. Another shot of Earth Force One
[Seal of the President of the Earth Alliance] "Seal of the President of the Earth Alliance" A "Babylon 5" Image. It's not really a POV-Ray image -- it's a Corel Draw 7 image, but I'm really proud of it.
[Starliner Asimov] "Starliner Asimov" A "Babylon 5" Image. Starliner Asimov, one of Earth's interstellar passenger liners, which often brings passengers to Babylon 5. It's one of my favorite ships on the show, thanks to its name, and its design.
[White Star] "White Star" A "Babylon 5" Image. The Minbari/Vorlon powerhouse, that kept the Interstellar Alliance in one piece, for almost a year, with its ability to fight ships many times its size. Some fans have claimed it looks like a plucked chicken, though... ;-)
[White Star and Asimov] "White Star and Asimov" My first "Babylon 5" action image. A White Star escorts Starliner Asimov through a dangerous sector, some time during the Shadow War. The White Star must defend the passengers from a Shadow attack.
[My Logo] "My Logo" A quick logo I put together in about an hour, with the help of The planet and text are mine, but the nice background was not...
['Chloe' animation set thumbnail] "My Living Room" The set for the "Chloe" animation is a close approximation of my living room. My fireplace actually has a black iron stove inside, but I didn't feel like modeling it.
[Jijo Moonshot] Jijo Moonshot
A Scene From Heaven's Reach
A strange scene from Heaven's Reach by David Brin: a crewed (and crude ;-) ) rocket, made of a huge alien bamboo-like native plant named boo, makes its way to Jijo's moon, Loocen, while a more conventional spacecraft looks on. I'd explain more, but it would probably be a spoiler... so read the book! :-) [Moray/POV source]

My IRTC Stills

[Kithrup thumbnail]
"Kithrup" My entry to the September/October 1996 "Science Fiction" IRTC Competition [POV Source]
222 K
[Kithrup2 thumbnail]
"Kithrup", Mark Two A much-improved version, which I should have sent to the competition, but I ran out of time [POV Source]
222 K
[Kepler thumbnail]
"Kepler" My entry to the May/June 1997 "Math & Physics" IRTC Competition [POV Source]
34 K
[Recess thumbnail]
"Recess: A Scene From 'Night Court'" My entry to the July/August 1997 "Magic" IRTC Competition [POV Source]
135 K
[Surveyor thumbnail] [PNG] "Surveyor" My overdue entry to the May/June 1998 "Nature" IRTC Competition (I thought there were 31 days in June, so I missed the deadline! Boy, am I an idiot!) [POV Source]
1.43 M
[Redstone thumbnail] [PNG] "Redstone Test" My entry to the March/April 1999 "History" IRTC Competition [POV Source]
427 K


Eye include file My EYE.INC include file for POV-Ray (it doesn't require 3.1!) generates a human-like eye (including eyelids and eyelashes) defined by user constants. The Zip file contains the include file, two example POV files showing how to use it, and a sample image. [POV Source]
22 K
[Spline31 thumbnail]
A new spline-generating script for POV-Ray, that uses the new macros and arrays that come with POV-Ray 3.1. (So, you must have POV-Ray 3.1 to use it!) There was an error in the macro, but I fixed it on August 3rd, so now the first and last points are control points. [POV Source]
3 K
[Flexing hand animation] This hand is a rip-off of the blob hand from the POV-Ray docs. I just modified it so it can be animated, and added a forearm. I needed a couple of arms to throw the paperwad for the cat, but this arm is much more capable than I really needed. I think it will make an excellent include file when I package it one of these days. [POV Source]
3 K

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