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The Big Babylon 5 Sites
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 The officially unofficial best source of information about Babylon 5
Babylon-5 Official Home Page
The Station The official fan club. Go to the Emporium, where you can buy B5 merchandise over the web.
B5 on TNT TNT's Official Babylon 5 Home Page
Amazing Stories The first true science fiction magazine -- it even coined the term! Expect several new Babylon 5 stories, written by JMS himself, to appear in the next few months!

The Babylon Project: Crusade
(I Miss It Already)
Merged with the "Guide to JMS' Crusade" page to create the biggest site devoted to "Crusade"
on TNT
TNT's Official Crusade Home Page
Crusade Official home page of the new spinoff, "The Babylon Project: Crusade" (It appears to be gone)

Hyperspace B5 Ship Guide THE source for B5 ship info
The Logbook Full of episode guides for SF TV -- soon to celebrate its tenth year!
Early B5 Designs A really weird blast from the past! This site shows the original flyer sent out to TV stations in 1991 to promote the soon-to-be-made pilot. The flyer's artwork was designed and illustrated by Peter Ledger, long before the current station and species designs were finalized, so expect things to be quite different from the final show... Also, check out the character descriptions! Slightly off...
Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica THE source for B5 lifeforms At last, somebody put up a mirror of this excellent site! Thank you, Thomas McKinzey, for putting it up, and letting me know about it.

3D Graphics
Babylon 5 3D Model Index THE source for B5 3D graphics models -- and, I'm proud to say, I finally got three models and a conversion there.
Babylon 5 3D Objects Another list of B5 3D models (It's dead, Jim! -- Oops, wrong show... ;-) )

Babylon 5
Combat Simulator
Sierra was developing a 3D B5 game where you fly a Starfury simulator (and eventually, other ships), and fight against every ship from the show, and even a few new ones... Unfortunately, they decided to drop the game's development and fire the entire game staff instead. Here's an archived copy of their old official page. "The ultimate source for Sierra's Babylon 5 Simulation." (It was formerly a good source of news about the B5 computer game, but now it's a central location for a grassroots group working to save the game.)

Toys and Models
Babylon 5 Toys Since the old, official Micro Machines page is gone, I've replaced its link with the definitive website for Babylon 5 toys, including the Micro Machines. Thanks, Noel, for pointing it out to me.
The Modeler's Vault An online store selling model kits, including the B5 Starfury, and now the Babylon 5 station
Starship Modeler Tips and news about building SF models, including, but certainly not limited to, Star Trek and Babylon 5.

Sounds and Themes
Down Below
Sound Archive
THE source for B5 sounds
Dale's Win95/NT4.0
Theme Extravaganza
Windows95 themes for B5, Red Dwarf... almost everything

Fan Sites
Melanie's Babylon 5
Homage Page
A small shrine to the show, including a discussion of its parallels to Lord of the Rings
Michael Allen
Faries' Home Page
Full of stuff on Star Trek and B5
The Voice of
C and C
From the site creator's description: "This is a site devoted to Babylon 5's most unjustly neglected characters - Lt David Corwin. There aren't too many Corwin sites on the web, and I've tried hard to avoid replicating what information and images already exist. The site contains a variety of original images, WAV files, an analysis of Corwin's character, a piece of slightly unusual fan-fic, interviews with Joshua Cox (the actor who plays Corwin), some humorous verses about the character, and a list of links to other Corwin/Josh Cox resources. I'm hoping to have a comprehensive episode guide, and some video clips on the site soon."

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